No Stars To See

A sound of fury
The rustle of life.
Where will we go now?
Now that time has seemed to expire.

Where do we go?
Now that there is no wind
Now that there are no stars to see

Where do we go?
Now that the glistening of your eyes has evaporated
Now that I can no longer see the stars you see

Tell me where to go
I can use your direction or mine

Tell me where to go.
I would rather know from you.

Lets find the sea
That vast open place where we can be
alone in a space where only the waves can tell us where we are

Lets ride the ride
Not wait for the moon
Trust her-
She will take you where you want to go

Ride the wave kid
Who am I to say kid-
Aren’t we all looking for that youth-
The youth of the fresh white water

Take me with you.